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PSI Controls, a division of Piping Specialties, is dedicated to system design, sales, and service of process controls and instrumentation. PSI Controls provides a broad range of engineering expertise and experience in applying automated valves and process instrumentation in the toughest applications.

We are proud to represent these leading manufacturers:

PSI Controls

AMETEK Drexelbrook is known throughout the world as a leader in level measurement technology. Earning their reputation for excellence from over five decades of experience in providing level solutions to virtually every industry including chemical, petrochemical, refining, power, water and wastewater, food, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, mining, automotive, and many others. [Learn More]

US Gauge

AMETEK - U.S. Gauge is one of the world's leading suppliers of high quality, competitively priced pressure and temperature measurement products. Founded in 1904, USG's product offering includes bourdon tube and diaphragm capsule pressure gauges ranging in size from 1-1/2 inches to 6 inches; with brass, stainless steel, or Monel internals. Other products include a complete line of diaphragm seals, a full range of bimetallic thermometers from 1 inch to 5 inches in diameter, and thermowells. [Learn More]

Anderson Greenwood

Anderson Greenwood is the number one choice for instrument valves, manifolds and instrument protection systems. It is number one for range of products, and number one for quality of manufacture and performance. With more than 40 years of innovative engineering expertise, Anderson Greenwood is the world’s single source for instrumentation solutions. [Learn More]


Azbil North America, Inc., an affiliate of Azbil Corporation, has been serving a wide range of industries with industrial automation and control products since 1996. Products in our industrial automation portfolio include pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, electromagnetic flow meters and a newly-introduced vortex flow meter. [Learn More]


Fireye® is a leading manufacturer of flame safeguard controls and burner management systems for commercial and industrial applications throughout the world. Our products can be found in a variety of public buildings, commercial properties, power plants, pulp and paper mills, petrochemical facilities and food processing plants. [Learn More]


Primary flow elements for clients in relevant industries such as petroleum, chemicals, water treatment, and generating plants. [Learn More]


Vaisala Liquid Measurements K-Patents' operations and resources are focused on various in-line liquid measurements, such as concentration and liquid density measurements. K-Patents supplies Process Refractometers that are used in thousands of industrial applications around the world. [Learn More]


Kurz Instruments has maintained a reputation for designing and manufacturing Thermal Mass Flow Transmitters for industrial gas flow measurement. Kurz products are used in a wide variety of industrial applications including combustion air, aeration air flow, digester gas, nuclear power plants, flare stack monitoring and compressed air to name only a few. [Learn More]


A premier manufacturer of Control Valves and Instrumentation. Leslie's product lines have grown significantly over the last century and now include a wide variety of products to cover almost any need for power plants, processing and HVAC to Navy Ships. [Learn More]

Marsh Bellofram

A leading global manufacturer of high-performance OEM, industrial and process control instrumentation, including timers and counters, digital controllers and panel meters, RTD’s and thermocouples, pressure instruments and gauges, FRLs, cylinders, natural gas and propane pressure regulators, air pressure regulators and transducers, tank and liquid level measurement systems, pump and motor protection switches and alternating relays, as well as sensors, DC tachometers, encoders, and industrial diaphragms.  [Learn More]


Max-Air offers a full line of pneumatic and electric valve and damper control products – including their industry recognized rack and pinion actuators. Product line includes a complete range of control accessories including solenoid valves, limit switches, positioners, and a wide assortment of automation hardware. Industries served include chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, power, oil and gas, and water / wastewater treatment.  [Learn More]


Pneumatic and hydraulic quarter-turn actuators utilizing state of the art manufacturing and corrosion resistant materials to produce actuators that are recognized in the industry for their long life. Integral options include Partial Stroke Test Devices to validate emergency shutdown valves and lockout devices for employee and process safety. [Learn More]


Reotemp is a globally recognized ISO 9001-2008 manufacturer of temperature and pressure instrumentation, including bimetal thermometers, pressure gauges, diaphragm seals, RTDs, thermocouples, pressure transmitters, compost thermometers, and related accessories.  [Learn More]


Industrial measurement solutions for life science, power transmission, electronics, building automation, industrial drying, food and other demanding industrial applications.  [Learn More]

VorTek title=

VorTek Instruments produces top-of-the-line flowmeters designed to measure gas, liquids, and steam accurately and precisely. VorTek Instruments' highly specialized and qualitative flowmeters make them the ideal choice for various industrial, commercial, and municipal applications. Whether you want to measure the flow of liquids or gases, VorTek Instruments has the perfect flowmeter for your needs. [Learn More]

Westlock Controls

Westlock Controls manufactures innovative solutions for networking, monitoring, and controlling process valves. Their products have been developed using the latest technology and are intended to work seamlessly with both on/off and modulating valves and actuators to help improve both performance and safety. Westlock devices are installed through out the world in the chemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, power and paper industries. [Learn More]

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