TESCOM™ Anderson Greenwood H2 Series

Emerson TESCO Anderson Greenwood H2 Valve Series

H2 Valve Series - Hydrogen Applications

Hydrogen Fuel Stations are specialized refueling infrastructure that provides hydrogen gas for fuel cell vehicles (FCVs). These stations store and dispense hydrogen in a compressed or liquefied form, which is then used by FCVs to generate electricity through a chemical reaction with oxygen in a fuel cell stack, thus powering the vehicle.

Emerson's TESCOM™ Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation Valves H2 Series are high-pressure gas applications valves for hydrogen fueling stations and function as isolation valves.

The H2 Valve Series employs stem seal technology, enabling consistent pressure containment and low operating torque, making it well-suited for hydrogen fuel dispensing systems. By offering a reliable, low-maintenance solution, the H2 Valve Series allows manufacturers and integrators of hydrogen fueling stations to reduce operational service expenses and potential leakage.

The H2 Series complies with the ISO 19880.3 standard for 700 bar H70 Station Rating in hydrogen fuel station applications. Its compact, lightweight, and ergonomic design enhances installation and operational processes.

Emerson TESCO Anderson Greenwood H2 Valve Series

  • Ease of installation and operation due to lighter weight, compact design, and Double Block & Bleed bonnet ergonomics
  • Positive shutoff performance, non-rotating stem tip
  • Low fugitive emissions stem seal arrangement
  • No stem packing adjustment during operational service
  • Double Block & Bleed configuration provides ‘true’ process isolation at closure shut-off point (process path)
  • Available in various configurations to suit instrumentation valve applications for the full range ofsystem designs
  • Visual identification of valve bonnet function with color-coded bonnet collar tags
  • Safety weep holes for packing and process connection integrity
  • Tested for compliance to ISO 19880.3 Valves : Gaseous Hydrogen Fueling Stations
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